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Annual Membership Drive

 The cost to join NARI of Diablo Valley is increasing as of January 1, 2019! 
 Why not take advantage of the $70.00 savings offered now and join by December 20, 2018?   
The cost for new members to join through December 20th is $499.00 (this does not apply to renewing or past members). 
The cost to join after December 20, 2018 will be $569.00.
The cost of membership more than pays for itself if you take advantage of the many savings programs available to members.  There are also certification programs available to members and invaluable business connections are made through Monthly Networking Dinner Mixers. To learn more about the benefits available to members visit the NARI National website. 
To learn more about the chapter and to join visit the NARI of Diablo Valley website

Member Testimonials
One of the smartest decisions I ever made as a professional business person was to be a member of NARI.
NARI has helped me grow my company and made me stand 
apart from my competitors.
The friendships and relationships I have grown here at NARI 
are priceless have always been positive and supportive.
I actually won my first Remmie award this year for a kitchen
 I designed.
Dorene Gomez, Designer 
The NARI Membership discounts alone are more than worth 
the Membership investment. Being a Member has saved me monthly on my Sprint and ADP Payroll accounts. I'm also 
amazed at the reduced pricing my Office Max Retail Connect Card receives from being a Member, often around 40%. 
Proud to be a Member of NARI, Remodeling Done Right.
Dan Uribe, Owner 
We joined NARI of the Diablo Valley 6 months ago, and have
 seen amazing benefits to joining this amazing organization.  Not only have the educational events helped me grow as a professional, we have begun working with 2 other industry professionals that we were able to connect with and grow our business.  We have also found so many resources we were missing in our Interior Design business, from custom cabinet builders to metalsmiths to a custom stairway company.
 I cannot recommend NARI highly enough!
Gina Marie Woodard, Director of Business Development


What is NARI?
The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) is
 the only inclusive professional association dedicated exclusively to the remodeling industry. NARI members are comprised of general remodeling contractors, specialty contractors, replacement contractors as well as local and national suppliers and manufacturer to the industry.
 The membership that makes a difference for professionals in
 the remodeling industry as well as support vendors of the industry.  For those pros looking to take that "next step" to
 boost businesses and careers, NARI is for you.  


Why should your company join NARI?
NARI is the medium for business development; a platform for advocacy; and the principal source for industry intelligence. 
NARI membership provides access to information and benefits not available elsewhere.
Reason #1: Expose your business to potential customers
Reason #2: Protect your business rights
Reason #3: Provide training to your managers and employees
Reason #4: Strengthen your business processes to increase profits
Reason #5: Becoming a part of a recognized professional community
Reason #6: Gain a marketing edge using NARI tools
Reason #7  Discounts on services, available to members 
saves you money!

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Newsletter Publishing Information
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responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily of the options or agreement of the Editor, Board of Directors, staff or membership of NARI of Diablo Valley.
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Christine Cummings-Walters
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